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Modern Dairy Factory is a fully owned Omani Company established in the year 1972. From its humble beginnings of small scale operations in Muttrah, the factory moved into its current premises in the year 1984. By introducing modern technologies, equipment and expanding from year to year, the company is currently one of the leaders in the dairy industry, having its unique niche in Omani dairy products market.

Modern Dairy Factory is one of the most modern and largest dairy companies in the Sultanate of Oman. With its head office in Wadi Al Kabir, the company has 11 branches across the country including Nizwa, Ibri, Sur, Jalan, Mudhairib, Barkha, Nakhal, Sumail, Saham, Al Hail & Sohar.

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    1 January, 2011

    With New Year's first day, we bring Modern Dairy Factory live on the Internet more